rank & file: meet the world. change the world.

I've written about Rank & File once so far- an amazing digital publication for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and socially-conscious companies. My previous blog post on R&F's purpose:


As I've mentioned, Rank & File's founder, Kari, is incredibly vulnerable, authentic, inspiring and passionate. I have kept in touch with her over the months since we met last year and every time I speak with her, I leave feeling more curious and enlightened than ever.

I am honored to be featured in Rank & File's 6th issue on @best.world.ever's mission, mindset and purpose (thank you, Kari!). I have been inspired by so many people doing good and spreading good across the globe that I hope to help do the same for others. I hope to inspire people to frame their mind in a positive and open way to absorb and experience the good in the world.

You can read my article here and also check out the other articles in this issue and others. The content is absolutely amazing! People from all over the globe authentically share their stories and perspective on a variety of topics with tips for taking action to create change in the world. 


As always, if you have examples of @best.world.ever where you are, I'd love to see and share them!

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