lima, peru: reflection

After a long flight from Sydney, I made it to Santiago and collected my bag for the last leg of my journey. It was quite packed at the airport and a man with a badge approached me asking where I needed to go and that he would help me get to my gate. I said I was okay but he insisted and this has happened to me before without issue in other countries. As we approached check-in, I reiterated he didn’t have to wait and when he insisted, I started to have a bad feeling about this. I felt safe as I was in the airport, however, after we left check-in, he started demanding money and I refused. He was yelling and finally left screaming “f*** you, f*** you” at me as I entered security. I tried to explain the situation, however, the guard did not speak much English. I was a bit shaken up upon my first arrival in South America but I was determined to not let this one person ruin my mood.

When I got to the Lima airport, locals warned me about ensuring that I took a safe taxi. Fortunately, the Australian on the plane next to me and I shared a cab to get into the city. After a long day, I was a bit uneasy with these two encounters even after months of solo travels. Nonetheless, I persisted into Lima with gratitude for finally making it to the next continent and about to be reunited with my friends!!

As I arrived to Miraflores, I was so excited to see my UK friends (and my now boyfriend) I had met during my time in Europe. They had just climbed Macchu Picchu so I met up with them and their new friends and was so happy to hear about their stories and adventures throughout the climb- especially as I anticipated doing the same the following week!

Over the weekend, we explored Miraflores, ate very good food, hung out in the cat park by us, walked to the water along the smiling steps and through the park of love and explored Old Town Lima. I loved the statues of love in the park and the symbols of positivity along the way. I loved watching the surfers on the wake. The buildings in Old Town Lima were absolutely stunning and we took at tour of the monastery and learned more about the catacombs. We didn’t even know these were here but a fellow traveler recommended the tour to us as we were heading out! It is always such a pleasure to learn about new historical things.

As grateful as I was to see my friends and as much as they cheered me up, on the 2nd day or so I started to feel under the weather. I assumed it was from the long travel, lack of sleep and general exhaustion. I got some medicine from the pharmacy, thanks to google translate :), and spent the last two days in Lima in bed. I was disappointed not to see more of this beautiful city, especially with such short amount of time here to begin with and some great recommendations from my Peruvian friend, Pedro! Nonetheless, I was so grateful to my friends for taking care of me and was excited to continue my Peru adventure in Cusco!

1. Me at the Park of Love <3 2. It's never a complete trip with these friends without a deck of cards :) 3. Old Town Lima 4. The square by our hostel in Miraflores

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