bali, indonesia: yoga barn

Where do I begin with The Yoga Barn?!

I am a huge fan of yoga. I had dabbled in it in Minnesota and New York before, however, once I got to California, I became much more involved with my practice. Every Tuesday night, my roommate Natalie and I would go to yoga at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. It was the best part of my week as my mind, body and soul felt completely re-energized. I also loved how Natalie and I would share our meditative thoughts with each other after the session. It was so therapeutic! My mom is also very into yoga. She can even do a headstand on a paddle-board! I've seen through Natalie, my mom and myself the incredible impact that yoga can have.

Upon coming to Bali (yoga capital of the world, I'd say :)), I was so excited to relax and do yoga, especially as this marks my last stop in Asia. Although there are many amazing studios in Bali, I spent the week at The Yoga Barn.

The Yoga Barn is a large bamboo facility with many different yoga, meditation, workshop studios, massage, sustainable products for sale, cafe and a juice bar. It is everything restorative wrapped up in one! You can even stay there if you are visiting Ubud or train to be a yoga instructor- the possibilities are endless! 

I took 3 different types of yoga classes this week: Power Yoga, Yin Yoga and Relaxed Yoga. I had never done the slower types of yoga before, however, I am so glad I tried them! They were much harder than I imagined and I could definitely feel the positive impact on my posture, joints and mind. I have not done as much yoga or meditating as I would like while traveling, however, having the hour or hour and a half each day that I had here reminded me of the astronomical impacts focusing on your mind and body can have. I'm hoping to continue this as I enter new places.

In addition to doing yoga, I had the most amazing vegan food with the best company! The extensive menu made it very hard to decide but I enjoyed vegan sushi, falafel, tofu, etc. As I sat in the huts on pillows at The Yoga Barn, I met incredibly inspiring people from all over the world who came to practice their yoga for a variety of different reasons. I loved hearing their stories and experiences and the impact their practice has had on them. Walking in and out of The Yoga Barn left such a positive aura and energy all around and within me.

I reflect back on times I have gone in and out of yoga and meditation. I realize how and why it is so easy to come in and out of practice, however, I hope to continue to push myself to incorporate this into my day, even if it is in small or big or different capacities. I feel completely re-fueled and re-charged to take on my last leg of South America with the most open heart.

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