bali, indonesia: the green school

My friend, Leena, recommended me to go on a tour at The Green School in Bali and I couldn't be more thankful that she did! The Green School is an international school for students pre-K to high school whose vision is to educate young leaders in global citizenship. Over 700 students from over 30 countries attend this green campus in the forest filled with 70+ bamboo buildings to enact change in our world.

Bamboo Bridge entering campus!

Bamboo Bridge entering campus!

The school's progressive curriculum is designed to have students learn by doing and become sustainability champions of our planet. The students work on projects of their choosing across a variety of topics: transportation, agriculture, energy, etc. The seniors last year created the Bio Bus after identifying the student's commute did not fit with school's environmental mission. They have significantly reduced their environmental footprint! There are even on-campus incentives to better the environment, such as, bringing in waste for free juice! My tour happened to be on graduation day so it was amazing to see the campus set-up for such a celebration!!

Throughout the tour, we saw bamboo classrooms, compost areas, recycling centers, energy made from water, organic kitchens, etc! It was amazing. Although I am so incredibly grateful for my education and the amazing people that helped shape me into the person I am today, I am such a believer in this innovative and unique education system. I believe the traditional sense of education can be limiting given the often prescribed/narrow-focused curriculum and the pressure on examinations/need to memorize information. I believe in the power of educating by doing and emphasizing the impact to be made in the world.

The Green School is full of inspiration, creativity, free thinking and is all around better world-education model, in my opinion. I left in the highest of spirits and with hopes that this style of education continues to make its way around the world.

The Green School Campus! Bamboo! Greenery! Recycling! Gratitude Wall! Friendship Project!

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