bali, indonesia: reflection

Of all of the places I have been, Ubud, Bali is to me in a city. The energy, vibe, culture and offerings radiate goodness and social consciousness. This was by far the best place for me for food. I couldn’t get enough! The menus had dozens and dozens of creative vegetarian or vegan options. Fresh and pure juice could be found on every corner. There is so much yoga, meditation and mindfulness everywhere that you feel it in the air. Within and around the main town, there is so much greenery, rice fields, waterfalls- endless beauty within nature. Businesses, co-working spaces, restaurants and the people within them exhibit and practice social consciousness, innovation and entrepreneurship. It is such an energizing and motivating place to be.  

most favorite <3 

most favorite <3 

The Balinese people are incredibly nice and welcoming and given the nature of Bali, it is a hub for great diversity from all over the world. On my plane ride to Bali, I met Jai, an American who has been living in Bali for three years. He invited me to meet his friends and even showed me the hut he lives in! At his friend's, we hung out under the bamboo hut drinking wine made from trees. They even through me a farewell party the night before I left and cooked vegetarian food special for me! We sang and danced along to our favorite songs. They even knew all of the words to my request: Black Eyed Peas "Where is the Love" too! I felt so at home and so grateful to be welcomed as a part of the family from the start.

My AirBNB host, Puta, and her family were equally as gracious. Each morning she brought me delicious food on the balcony and her family safely showed me around Bali. One night, she made one of the most amazing vegetarian tofu dishes I have ever had! (3rd vegetarian mention in this post:) It was such a treat to stay in such a nice home within the trees. I felt so calm and relaxed.

Although there are many, many other places I have never been in the world that I am so excited to experience for the first time, Bali is one of those places that I cannot wait to come back to. I can see myself staying here for an extended period of time. It is incredible what an effect the external energy of a city can have on your internal well-being. So grateful to book-end the Asia portion of my trip with such rejuvenation! 

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