kuala, lumpur: reflection

Petronas Towers from Sky Bar

Petronas Towers from Sky Bar

One of the challenging pieces of moving around a lot for me is having to say “see you soon” to people I become quite close to. Over the years, I have been grateful to unexpectedly see people I love in new places.

My friend Eric and I met in New Jersey 6 years ago when we were both doing a summer internship together. We have seen each other only a few times since as we both have moved around a lot, however, luckily our paths crossed in CA and NY.

I messaged Eric a day or two before I was going to Kuala Lumpur as he has recently moved to Thailand. We discovered that we were both going to be in KL! And even wilder upon Eric arriving in the hostel, he sent a photo of the room where we were both placed!! When I got to the hostel, Eric was in the common area! It brought me so much happiness to see him there!

We could not get over where we were a few years ago physically and also how far we’ve come. Eric has started a few of his own businesses and travels all around the world. I am so proud of him and so inspired by him.

I am so grateful to have seen him and also for his constant challenging and encouraging me. I have not talked out loud very much while traveling “my plan” for when I am done traveling, yet bouncing back questions and ideas with him really made me think. In the best way, I had more and more questions for myself after leaving him.

One of my most favorite things is that you never know when or where you will see someone next and it is so fun to be surprised and find out- the beauty of paths crossing in the universe!!

Eric and I!

Eric and I!

Conversation started with Eric and continued with my new friends at the hostel. I think of all of the conversations I have had along my travels with people from all over the world and on so many topics and think how much these dialogues have enhanced my understanding.

As I was blogging in the hostel on Wednesday, there was teatime with Malaysian tea and cookies. I love this part of the culture- taking the time to talk and learn from each other. I met a group of people staying in one of the rooms together: Clayton, Iona, Lauren and Tom. Post-tea, we went to a helicopter pad rooftop bar with incredible views of the city, Sky Bar which also had great views of the KL towers and the fountain below them. What a way to end the night!

From conversation to dancing to enjoying the sights, I’m so grateful to have met each of them. It is amazing how close you can get to people in a short time with traveling. I can’t wait to cross paths with them again someday, somewhere!

Lastly, I think of passing conversations with people day to day. My uber driver, Zamri, who taught me about the history of Malaysia, his time as a soccer player, his favorite foods and how he takes in animals in need. A couple in front of me at the airport check-in who went to Ohio University like my best friend from San Francisco. Each time people interact with each other presents opportunities for learning something new and spreading happiness and joy!

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