tokyo, japan: roppongi hills

Roppongi Hills is a neighborhood in Tokyo lined with incredible art and architecture and is known for its design and new ideas. Exiting the subway, you are greeted with a giant spider art piece (as seen below) as you approach Mori Tower. The tower is filled with an incredibly nice shopping center, art museums and galleries, the best city view of Tokyo, Academyhills (knowledge hub for innovative professionals) and next to it are the Roppongi HIlls Arena (outdoor entertainment space), Mohri Garden (streams and ponds, too!), and TVAsahi (atrium building with TV engagement). So much goodness in one area!

Upon arrival, I received a map of over 20 pieces of public art and furniture installations. It was so fun going on a scavenger hunt to find them! The pieces were weaved seamlessly into the city streets and enhanced its design so beautifully. The furniture pieces were practical yet so aesthetically pleasing and the public art structures delivered such variety, truly making you think.

There more and more I travel, the more I continue to realize my love of art. It is the first thing I seek out when I get to a city and it is what I notice the most when walking through the streets. I truly believe in the power of art to bring happiness and inspiration to the world. Art ignites and lights up a place and can be tied to social good through the awareness it is able to spread. The way art can tell messages with or without words and make people think and feel in different ways, truly astounds me.

After my scavenger hunt, I went to the top of Mori Tower to see the stunning view of the city of Tokyo. My breath was taken away as the flat city stretched for miles and the 360 panoramic view enabled you to see everything.

At this view point was a 2-month long exhibit: Marvel: Age of Heroes Exhibition. I have not been so into superheroes myself but I love exhibits and learning about things I do not know that much about. The Marvel exhibit greatly enhanced my appreciation for superheroes. There was such detail surrounding the characters, their stories and the beautiful artwork through the comics. Each of the characters stood for something- stood for protecting people and the planet. Many of the characters had underlying themes related to social issues that I had been unaware of until this exhibit. XMen for instance, works to protect people that the world rejects. Other superheroes stand for empathy, energy, anti-discrimination, welcoming all people, etc.- operating on both a global and local scale. So many parallels, especially to our world today. I loved how my eyes were opened to the positivity and need for change through this exhibit. 

Some of my favorite from the public art scavenger hunt and the Marvel exhibit!

View from the top of Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills. You can see Tokyo Tower and the new Skytree Tower.

View from the top of Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills. You can see Tokyo Tower and the new Skytree Tower.

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