perfect imperfections

Enjoying milkshakes after almost not making into the airport :O :)

Enjoying milkshakes after almost not making into the airport :O :)

When Ali and I were finishing our India trip in Delhi, we got talking about the imperfections of travel and life that make it so beautiful. The behind the scenes, unfiltered, real, raw moments. The ones that you laugh at later but at the time lead to frustration or defeat. The reality vs. the expectations. The in betweens of the blow your mind moments. The emotions that come with. 

We made a list of all of the little things that didn't go how we expected. Over 50 things! And that was just what came to our mind. Travel has humbled me and my ego and my anxiety so much by accepting that there are curveballs, unexpected events, super stressful moments. These are bound to happen but it is how you deal with them and let them go that matters and what contributes to your happiness. As I reread this list, it makes me smile. I giggle at the hilarity of the small stuff. Good lesson to remember in the future when something is "going wrong" that it will later make me laugh!

Some of our perfect imperfections... going to see a historical sight but it is closed, unable to find our uber and having trouble communicating via phone while on expensive data in 110 degree heat, expecting to have a productive day and end up sleeping in, getting sick (no fun!!), etc. The biggest one was our last night. We were exhausted after so much travel and Ali's dad graciously got us a hotel in the airport for Ali's middle of the night flight. We had to go through security upon arrival and since my flight was not til the next day, they were not going to let me through. We were defeated as we were so excited to have our last few hours together and would need to come up with a different solution. Thanks to Ali's beautiful emotions ;) we made it through! Definitely threw us for a loop but we were so grateful and appreciative. 

This is the case for all of my other countries as well as for anyone else's life! There are always little hiccups or things that end up different than we thought. The beauty of ever-changing life, eh? Makes it so much more fun, interesting and full of gratitude!

At times I struggle with sharing things on social media. I absolutely love social media! I love the connection and engagement with those you love and those you have not met yet. I love the possibilities, ideas and opportunities that come through sharing. I love showing the world I am seeing and seeing the world that others are seeing. At times, however, it seems/it is SUCH a small part of the trip, of the day. A whole day of amazing senses, sights, feelings. Maybe a day of really down thoughts or feelings. Incredible conversations. Rough logistical moments behind the scenes. All bottled into one photo. Behind that photo, there is so much more. That is why I am so grateful for this blog. Although I still feel it barely scratches the surface sometimes, I am thankful to give more context to the situation.

I've had a rough past couple of days. I've been feeling very off. The wifi has barely worked, the time difference from those I love is so strong. I've been moving cities so quickly that I've been exhausted and run down without time to reflect. I've lost energy and been feeling quite sad. Sad as I am far from my family and friends and feel it's hard to be there for them with communication limitations. I've been feeling behind on planning my trip and blogging. Torn between living in the moment and experiencing things and taking time to rest, reflect and blog. I feel guilty for feeling demotivated when I know how lucky I am to be having this experience. Off the tracks sort of feeling.

I am grateful for working through all of this with patience and self-love. Always a work in progress! I am taking time out of my Shanghai visit to recharge and recallibrate myself. Although it is different than what I expected, I am grateful to combine the two and enjoy my time while taking care of myself. Embracing the perfect imperfection that is life.

Perfect imperfections turned beautiful moments <3... photo 1- Ali was trying to block the sun. Photo 2, our driver Raju put newspaper up for her- so sweet!!! Photo 3- Ali struggled to close her bag and when she did she realized she packed her shoes... ha! Photo 4- So hot! So sweaty! So sunburned even though using sunscreen! 

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