goa, india: carpet of joy

I have been so grateful to see a lot of amazing @best.world.ever things while traveling, however, this one tops the list!  Dipti, Rachana, Ali and I were on the way in our taxi to our hotel, when we saw this rainbow goodness glistening in the distance! We saw a glimpse of what it was but I knew I wanted to come back to see more! The Museum of Goa, known for addressing social and cultural issues, put on this month-long art installation "Carpet of Joy" to improve recycling in the community and make Goa "litter-free."

My first thought to Dipti (which I thought may be naive) was the irony I observed here as I saw more plastic bottles on the road side and in the street than any other place I visited previously. She noted it was exactly this and highlighted the major issues with waste in Goa and the importance for residents and tourists alike to keep it clean to protect it for the future.

The installation was student-led: 3,000 students collected over 150,000 bottles from the beaches and streets of Goa and converted them into colored flowers for the exhibit. The goal was to educate children at a young age so they do not litter and teach their children to do the same. There was also an "Anti-Litter Oath" for students to take action to not litter. It is so inspiring to me that the city is addressing this major issue and getting students involved so they can clearly see the greater purpose. 

I loved the explanation of the juxtaposition with the tree in the middle of all of the waste- showing the contrast between toxic and organic. I always knew I loved art but through traveling I realize more and more my passion for it and my true belief in its creative power to create change. Carpet of Joy delivers a strong, educational and impactful message in a beautiful and eye-popping way.

Lauren WittigComment