bengaluru, india: solar panel energy

My best friend from home, Ali and I have always wanted to do an international trip together. When I decided to go backpacking this year, we knew this would be the time! The decision to do India, specifically, came together quite easily and simply. Ali's friend from college, Rachana, and my friends from college, Aashay and Bhavya, all have family in India and have lived or are living there currently. We were so excited that it worked out to experience this amazing country together and locally with our friends and their families, no less!

Our first stop was to Bengaluru to visit Rachana's family. It was my first "true" time we discovered (:)) meeting Rachana and having never met her family before, I was so grateful to them for their graciousness in having me in. Upon arrival, Rachana's cousin, Dipti, and her aunt made me the most amazing dinner- the best welcome!!

In the morning, Dipti's dad took me and Ali up to see how the solar panels worked on the roof. Ali is an environmental engineer and given my passion for sustainability, as well, we were so excited! Experiencing over 100 degrees F is not something that I am used to. It was wild to see so many panels installed and the true heat used to power them.

There were 2 different types of panels- one for water and one for electricity. The Indian government has even recently given out subsidies to encourage people to use this type of energy. As the #3 carbon emitting country in the world, it is amazing to see India take these strides in action towards improvement after the Paris Agreement. The Guardian just released an article that Indian solar power prices are at a new low (below fossil fuels) given investor's confidence in renewable energy possibilities. Incredible change for a better future.

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