At the end of last year when I was leaving San Francisco, Natalie (my SF roommate and best friend) and I decided that starting in 2017 we would send postcards to each other from each new place we visit. I have been collecting these for her from the start of my trip! With a few lost ones and a few crinkles along the way, it is so fun to look back at not only the city pictures but also what I wrote on the back.

I am saving all of them to give to her at the end of my 6 months. It will be so fun over the years to look back on our notes to each other in the times/places we were in & who we were at that time.

Natalie and I both love writing, journaling, creating. When we lived together, we would share what we were grateful for during our commute in the morning. At the end of each month, we would reflect back on it and share our anticipations and hopes for the next month. We inspired each other to create. My paintings and I. And Natalie with her project, @wordsmeetwalls, which shares incredible inspiring quotes and words with the best of backgrounds. 

Check it out!! :)

Even though we are not physically together, I still instill our traditions as I travel... plus, of course, email/postcard pen pals :)

As I reflect on the past amazing two months and head to my last city in Europe, Rome, it is very bittersweet. I am going to miss so much my time on this beautiful continent but I am very much looking forward to what's to come and grateful for what has been.


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