santorini, greece: sketches

As I have mentioned many a time before, I LOVE art! I have missed painting so much while traveling. My second day in Greece, I had the biggest urge to draw. The white houses along side the cliffs evoked the greatest inspiration! I found the cutest book store in Oia and the best Grecian notebook to go along with it.

I set off for the sunsets cliff spot and began drawing the houses, stairs, pools, cliffs, windmills, mountains, sea, clouds. So much material encapsulated in one spot. I felt completely at peace. Meditating without even trying! It was so beautiful to focus on each detail of the city as I drew it. I felt that I was taking that much more of it in. 

After drawing off the cliff, as I walked back to my place, I kept stopping every couple of steps to draw and draw and draw some more! I had the absolute best day and am looking forward to doing this in other cities. I often hear from people that they are not artistic or creative and therefore, do not create. I would challenge you to just try! :) Take 10 minutes and draw what you see in front of you. You will be so surprised at the results- both for your mind and spirit and also at your artistic ability! You can do it!!!

PS- Thanks, Vall for reminding me of Rory in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! Yay art!!

Lauren Wittig1 Comment