santorini, greece: reflection

I had always fantasized about coming to Greece. It has been at the top of my Europe list for years and years and years. The romanticism of the white and blue buildings against the mountains and the sea. The art. The food. The culture. The people. 

Upon arriving to my hostel, I was greeted by the nicest staff and a cool venue in a more quiet part of the island. However, after a few hours there and trips to Fira and Oia, I realized I was very far out of the way from what I was looking to do. The buses are quite infrequent here and as someone who loves walking, I like to go by foot, without a plan. 

This made me very much appreciate my overall quite seamless travel to date. I had never before contemplated switching hostels as everything worked out very well. I spent more time than I would wish, questioning and pondering- "should I stay? should I switch to another hostel? should I get my own place?" All of these questions and doubts stirring all over my mind.

These, of course, are amazing "problems" to have. I am in Santorini, after all! I learned a lot from observing my mind this day. There were a lot of should's and a lot of second guessing. With my anxiety, I often used to question what I did or said in social settings. Now, I find myself doing so in travel settings... should I or should I not go on that expedition? Should I stay in a hostel or in some rare occasions find a place for myself? It could go on and on... decision overload!

Instead, I came to realize that there is no right or wrong or one way. That I need to trust my gut and intuition in the moment as to what I am feeling rather than the expectations or pressure I place in my head. I ended up getting a place to myself in Oia and have spent the week planning, blogging, walking, beaching, reflecting, drawing, journaling. A lot of good "me time" looking back over the past couple of months.

As soon as I became present and enjoyed where I was, I was able to let go of the shoulda coulda wouldas and without question enjoy what is.

It has been such an amazingly beautiful week filled with great (vegetarian!) food, stunning views and street strolling (truly feeling overwhelmed I just want to soak it in!!!), the friendliest of people and a lot of great r&r&r (rest & relaxation & reflection). Counting my gratitudes rather than the alternatives... plus w/ some added self-love and patience too :) all a work in progress, learning right?! XOX social impact as spotted in athens airport! 1. Travel through art & environment 2. Clean energy 3. Saving water!

Some favorites... Falafeland in Thira, Pitogyros and Melitini in Oia, Demilmar in Perissa at the Black Beaches (beautiful!!), spicy feta cheese dip at any place overlooking the water hahah I ate so much!! People were shocked I was able to finish the whole thing but I love cheese!

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