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Although I unfortunately did not make it to Norway this trip, Oslo holds a special place in my heart. This winter when I was looking for remote opportunities to possibly work while traveling, I came across Rank & File magazine for "purpose-driven entrepreneurs, conscious companies and social impact seeking leaders." The magazine provides expert advice in the most authentic, vulnerable, human way possible.

images from rankandfilemag.com

images from rankandfilemag.com

I spoke many times with the founder, Kari, who is now based in Oslo. She has a very similar path to me: worked in the corporate world for a few years, traveled all over the globe and has an incredible passion for social impact. During her experiences, Kari continued to realize the importance of people and has engrained this in Rank & File all along: "pursuits by people for people." The focus is on the people!

Kari interviews industry experts and details their advice to the community of readers. She does so in an incredibly raw way, which makes the content super real and human. It is incredible to read about the amazing things entrepreneurs have started but even more so, how they got there, what struggles they faced along the way and what the evolving journey continues to look like.

Kari and I have kept in touch over the months, discussing my backpacking adventure and the latest with her and Rank & File. She has become one of my greatest sources of inspiration, role models and mentor. I am so grateful for her insights, positivity and fearlessness. She is so refreshingly open with her community and constantly inspires people through uplifting quotes and stories on social media and in the magazine.

The other day she posted a quote that really hit home with me.

"Perfect happiness is a beautiful sunset, the giggle of a grandchild, the first snowfall. It's the little things that make happy moments, not the grand events. Joy comes in sips not gulps."

Before traveling, I envisioned being in certain places and doing certain things to be the highlight and essence in my travels. These are definitely great aspects, however, what sticks out the most is a laugh with a stranger on the street, late nights with new friends, spontaneous sightings of something you never expected. The beauty in the little things.

When I was in Split and went for a run I saw a woman with a shirt that read this exactly- "Enjoy the little things." I noticed in that moment I had been in my head and her shirt so perfectly pulled me out to enjoy this beautiful run. Whether in your new business, venture and in life, it is such a good thing to remember.

The latest issue!!! images from rankandfilemag.com

The latest issue!!! images from rankandfilemag.com

You can read the magazine for free, here! :)




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