dubrovnik, croatia: for the day

After my incredibly beautiful bus ride from Split to Dubrovnik that I mentioned, I messaged my friend Kristen that I met in Split to meet up. She texted me the coffee shop that she and Jenna were at and turns out, when I looked at the message, I was right there! So great! 

The side streets and alley ways of the Old Town are so beautiful. There is something so special about walking in a place that is thousands of years old. The stones slide up a hill and the balconies are lined with incredible architectural detail. We marveled at all that was around us! We then sat out on the water, looking out at the sea, sharing stories. Both Kristen and Jenna are long-term solo travelers too so it is SO cool to hear about where they've been and how they do their trip. Kristen and I even found out we will be in Morocco at the same time!

Me on the Walls of Dubrovnik!

Me on the Walls of Dubrovnik!

Then, I walked along the Walls of Dubrovnik. It is so amazing how they surround the city and the 360 panoramic view you experience the whole time. I ended my day with a linner (lunch/dinner :)) on one of the side streets and then ran into my friend, Peter, from Split at the bus station to Kotor! I absolutely love day trips because even though you would love to stay longer, you are grateful to have been able to see the city and have the day! Also, the backpacker loop is the best. One of my favorite things about solo travel is meeting people and then planning or running into them again in new cities. It makes every new place feel like home.

From left: Sitting out on the rocks, Amazing lunch on the side streets, A basketball court I found for my brother! ;), Walking along the walls

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