cape town, south africa: workshop17

After almost fully recovering from food poisoning (still going to get to that...) on Monday, I headed to the V&A waterfront to walk around, pick up some food to settle my stomach and get a massage (yay!). The waterfront is the more commercial part of Cape Town (a la Times Square of NYC, filled with restaurants and tourist destinations). Upon arriving to the mall, I asked information where to get a massage and they directed me to the watershed- about a 10 minute walk away along the water. I meandered slowly, taking it all in.

When I arrived to the watershed, I was so pleasantly surprised to find Workshop17 (aka the best thing ever!). Workshop17 is in an old warehouse whose interior is now geniously designed. The space serves as an open collaboration, a hub, a space for over 240 entrepreneurs and innovators to enable them to come together and "showcase African solutions for innovation and impact." 

There are different sections within: food (cool, ethnic food truck type), work spaces (super open, welcoming, agile, communal), wellness (hence the massage, juices, tea), shopping (bags, clothes, jewelry, stationary, etc. made by the artists selling them at each stand). It all comes together effortlessly and makes you want to get lost in all there is to offer.

The artists that made the goods locally are also the ones there selling the products. There is even an idea lounge to bloom and blossom different thoughts into action! Workshop17 also hosts events throughout the year to network and improve skills. Some examples of recent ones include: wordpress workshop, hacking team culture, making teams more productive. 

I love this space so much for bringing determined, passionate, creative, like-minded people together to fuel a sense of energy to embolden even more impact. I love how aesthetically-pleasing and welcoming it is to the community to encourage supporting small businesses. I love the stories behind how the co-working space has been the ultimate game-changer for those leading their own projects. I love everything Workshop17 stands for! I cannot wait to come back and look forward to hopefully finding similar places in future cities I visit!!

You can read more about the space and stories here.

From left: 1. As spotted on the waterfront <3 2. Food market next to Workshop17 3/4. Inside of Workshop17- workspaces, artists, etc.

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