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Getting out of my uber in Camps Bay!

Getting out of my uber in Camps Bay!

I took an infinite amount of Uber rides in Cape Town this week. Similar to San Francisco, it is the easiest way to get around given its affordable nature and public transit options. It made me realize how much I have missed those Uber rides.

I love getting into a car and sparking conversations with Uber drivers aka humans aka friends I haven't met yet! There is something so personal and intimate about being in a car with someone and I often find the conversations becoming quite deep and meaningful. I especially love taking Uber in a new city to learn more about it from a local's perspective and meet someone new.

This week, Uber drivers took me to surfing, to soccer games, to hiking, to grocery stores, to meet friends. I am so grateful, especially while traveling alone, to have an option to safely and reliably get places with the added benefit of meeting new people.

South Africa is an incredibly friendly and warm place. Each time I got in the Uber, I felt that I knew the driver for more than the few minutes I had been in the car. Each greeted me with a big smile, genuineness and conversation that has deeply enhanced my experience here.

Tawanda from Zimbabwe and I talked about the US, Zimbabwe, South Africa. We spoke of his hopes to go to New York and how cool it would be if our paths were to cross again in an uber or otherwise. We joked at the end that we'd be seeing each other soon, in some way, some where. You never know :) 

Mahat offered to wait for me while I went to visit the penguins so I could be guaranteed to find a ride home since I was far out and Kurt offered to take us down the hill when we did not have service at top of the mountain. 

As Douglas dropped me off in the rain at a coffee shop, he wished that I would have a day "as wonderful as I am." And wished that my internal energy spread externally. He brightened my day and it is amazing how you can get to know each other in such a short amount of time!

While Gideon drove me to the airport, I asked him about people's impressions of Freedom Day in Africa and what the customs are around it. He explained that many do not yet feel free given the amount of poverty and unemployment with the black population in South Africa. We drove by some of the free housing and he explained to me the difficulties with the inequality and what the government/people are trying to do to help but the challenges they face.

Each and every other driver in between had a story. We shared a deep conversation or a connection or a laugh or kindness or a new perspective. Teaching each other new things from our experiences, enhancing our perspectives. It is so amazing to have this technology and at the same time build such relationships and memories with people from all over the world.! So grateful. 

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