cape town, south africa: earth day

Happy Belated Earth Day 2017! (April 22). Hope you all had an amazing one! There is so much to celebrate (our beautiful, incredible globe) and so much to be done to ensure we are protecting our earth for generations to come.

I was so inspired by all of the Marches for Science seen across the world, standing up for our planet! As I have traveled, it has been incredibly interesting to me to see how each country views climate change and the environment and the spectrum of awareness/action messaging in existence.

In Cape Town right now, for instance, there is a severe drought. Signs are EVERYWHERE encouraging people to save water and use less. It is incredible that there is this type of exposure and awareness and even more amazing that there was a general camaraderie of people taking this seriously and taking action. Droughts, caused by climate change and our warming planet, have devastating effects especially for those enduring poverty. The availability of food and water goes down since there is less availability impacting health and well-being.


At the same time as effects, such as these, and worse (islands losing their land altogether) are occurring, we have global leaders completely denouncing climate change. This is a dangerous conclusion when facts and evidence tell otherwise. Climate change is not something that "will happen in the future" it is something that is happening right now and we absolutely need to act every day to care for our Earth.

Two things I saw on Earth Day stuck out to me: 1. A video on what if we treated earth the way we treat it? Humans acted as planets and naturally earth treated us very shitty! It is imperative that things change 2. A protest sign that said, "I can't believe I have to march for facts." 

Unfortunately there are things out of our control in terms of climate change actions and influencers. We do, however, have the ability to take action to protect our earth. We can march for our planet rights and have our voices be heard, we can volunteer with environmental organizations to plant trees, we can donate to wildlife organizations, we can each take action every day to limit our environmental footprint and use less resources.

How did you spend earth day this year?! Would love to hear!! xx


Lauren WittigComment