syrian refugee crisis

The global humanitarian crisis we are in with Syria is truly heartbreaking and felt across the world. In Europe, I saw signs and protests in support of refugees. I saw homeless families impacted by their escape from their home, war-ridden territory into new, unknown places. I participated in dialogue about the crisis and learned more from those around me.

Upon arriving in Marrakesh, there is family after family after family with the littlest of kids out on the street with signs in French explaining they are Syrian families, asking for help. My heart truly broke. These families have lost everything- completely out of their control. Just this week, many kids and over a hundred people killed in an attack in Syria. Utterly devastating.

Nothing makes me or you or you more or less deserving to a safe, healthy and happy life. These people, these humans, are in the worst position imaginable and it could easily be any of us. We are all one.

It is so important to lend our hand, address the issue and do what we can to stop this humanitarian crisis (donate, volunteer, dialogue, learn more, stay informed, SPREAD LOVE).

Lauren WittigComment