One of my friends asked me the other day, "how it is to balance with traveling?" 

I loved this thought-provoking question.

All in all, it greatly enhances my travel. It is completely embedded and enables me to learn more about the culture and build relationships with locals along the way. I am learning more about myself and my passion and expanding my knowledge about the world.

The first two months I met with many people and attended events in this space. I felt my feet were on the ground and I had a rhythm going. The past few weeks, however, have been much more difficult. Where I was going was more impromptu and the places I have been are less progressive in this space. At first, I put a lot of pressure on myself and was feeling guilty for not meeting with people or getting behind in my blog. It is a fine balance being present/out experiencing and then the behind the scenes: planning, writing, working. This is six months of my life not a holiday after all so I am working on giving myself time to do those tasks rather than feel guilty about not doing something else.

Also, in the cities I have been to most recently, I looked for opportunities, however, there were not as many as previous places: more isolated, lack infrastructure, poverty (therefore well being is more of a priority than sustainability). I realized I was trying to find things to do but in fact a lot of the learning was in the contrast of places that do not have as much built up in this area. It has been so eye-opening as I've almost always been and lived in places where social impact is at least slightly engrained and it is great learning to observe the spectrum of existence.

Being places without recycling or public transport etc. has enabled me to see what those barriers are to accomplishing sustainability initiatives. I am excited as I continue to switch continents and countries to continue to learn more.

Also, I am consistently working on letting go of the shoulda and rather focusing on what is. Reminding myself that there are no rules or expectations for this journey- only what I put on myself. I find myself wasting time and energy with the noise in my head of how things should be different- "should meet w someone" or "shouldn't waste time resting" and instead reframing these in a positive light.

This is all a learning and work in progress and I am going to continue practicing my self love and patience. xx

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