marrakech, morocco: reflection

About to be another smorgasbord !!

Donte, me and our amazing tour guides!

Donte, me and our amazing tour guides!

  • Friendship: My friend Donte came with me. So grateful for him and little tastes of home along the way! He is also an amazing photographer (thanks for the photos, Dont!).
  • First time to Africa!!: SO cool to be in a place very different than where I grew up. I find self-growth, perspective and new ideas to be the strongest when you are in more unfamiliar circumstances.
  • So many lives to live! Seeing things so different from what you are used to, you are even further reminded how many people there are in the world and how many ways there are to live. Incredibly humbling and pulls you out of the everything is about me thought mindset!!
  • Small world: although I did not get to see them, three of my friends I have met along the way were in Morocco at the same time. Love how connected everything is!!
  • Unexpected epicness: some of our friends from Unilever came to Marrakech last year and recommended their guide Youssef to us. He and his colleague Faoud were unbelievable! The first day we arrived and went to an international tennis tournament and a tennis party. We saw some unbelievable matches, jazz music, magic trips, rooftops and so much magic. So grateful for these breathtaking moments with amazing people.
  • Love: everywhere we went two kids would have their arms around each other walking- with love and protection. Every time it melted my heart and it was amazing how much a part of the culture.
  • Design: my room in high school was themed Morocco. I've always been drawn to the style and continued to be even more so on this trip! Our Airbnb was a dream and exactly what you'd envision for Marrakech. I felt like the colors, shapes and sizes in the city were exactly my style. 
  • Seeing cities from different angles: being able to see Marrakech, Doha and Durban from the land and from the ground gives you such a new perspective! I loved seeing each from the plane and the feeling of excitement with take off and landing.
  • Homesickness: on my way from Marrakech to Durban was the first time I have felt truly homesick. Of course I have missed my family and friends but this was a stronger feeling. Hit with 30 hours of travel and exhaustion, I felt my mind and body shutting down. Luckily after a few calls, a good nights sleep in a hotel and a cheese platter (lol) I felt a lot better. Appreciative of these harder moments that further propel the good!


  • Eating and shopping in the Medina- so much to do with all of your senses!!
  • Walking through the streets- there is so much going on!!! People and things coming from all directions- truly awesome. 
  • Day trip to Essouria- beautiful old fishing town inspired by Portuguese 
  • Tour of Marrakech- through the palaces and meeting the different crafters.
  • Day trip to the mountains- meeting a family in Burma village.
  • The contrast between new and old town- we ate and experienced both.
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