marrakech, morocco: arts & crafts & food

Marrakech's markets are unlike anything I have ever experienced before. The energy, vibrancy, volume, movement, color are unparalleled. Walking through them, you are almost overwhelmed at the beauty and the options. Vendors are working hard to bring you to their stand given the amount of competition engulfing the area around you. 

Donte and I visited many crafters- some of rugs, some of cosmetics, some of clothing, some of food, some of metal. It was amazing to learn about how they make the product, where the material comes from and where it goes.

We repeatedly heard about the local, organic and natural aspects of the products. It was so cool to learn about what they make from the earth rather than super processed or manufactured items. At the cosmetics store, they tested natural eye liner and lip color on me- made from plants!! So cool! At the rug store, the government employees 1600 women in need to provide jobs and a creative opportunity. The women can create the rugs they want and the proceeds go towards them! It meant so much to meet those making the goods and the story and thought behind doing so in a worldly way.

me, post my natural makeover :) 

me, post my natural makeover :) 

Pictures worth a thousand words!!! Kiwi juice, artists, crafts, love.

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