copenhagen, denmark: reflection

Stopping the "shoulds." As I had some downtime in Copenhagen before Natalie arrived, I spent the time blogging, resting and semi-planning for what is next. I felt a sense of "should've, could've, would'ves" and "shoulds" for the future come over me- strong with my anxiety. Sparked from the decision overload and the amazing problem to have of not having to have a plan and nearly limitless possibilities, I started to question myself and my journey.

Should I go to this city or this city? Should I be working at all along the way? Should I stay longer somewhere? Should I reach out to more people? Should I be meeting more people when I'm out and about? Should I sightsee or be more local? 

Stopping the shoulds.

It's been so helpful to be myself and observe how many conversations I get into in my head every day! Watching, noticing and trying to let these harmful, doubtful thoughts pass through rather than giving them power. Practicing presence and being in the moment and reality of what IS rather than the fantastical story made up in my head.

As I reflected on the pattern in my mind of making up all of these problems in my head, I was more easily able to enjoy the unknown in front of me. Instead of forcing the should's- embracing the be's!!! :) Also, practicing constant gratitude!!!

From left: 1. Colored houses and locks at Nyhavn 2. Me and Natalie on our bike ride at Kasellet by the windmill 3. Paludan (favorite book cafe) 4. Copenhagen: Cool Original People Experience Nice Hygge (Danish term for coziness) 5. Paper Island 6. Me with my favorite card- 9 of hearts that we found on the floor! 7. Do more of things you love <3 from an acai bowl place 8. Me and Natalie on the search for avocado toast!!

Favorite things!!!

- Ran into a friend from high school at my hostel as I was eating a brie baguette!! Such a small world and so nice to catch up over coffee the next day!! 

- Natalie coming to visit me!!! So sweet of her to come to a few cities with me! 

- Cafes- we went to SO many- The Living Room and Paludan Cafe are my favorites (thanks, Gin!), Paper Island for any food option you could imagine!, Christiania, Baest for a cool vibe in Norrebro and great pizza, biking Kastellet, Ruby's for a drink (thanks, Steph!), Tiger the store.

And the mishaps: getting sick, going to a different museum than we thought we were and realizing it after, changing rooms due to snoring (used to it but this was a lot :)) and losing my wallet on the way down the hall haaaa. Very minor things that make for good laughs along the way!

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