stockholm, sweden: reflection

Two years ago, my mom and I took at trip to Iceland. We marveled at the surreal landscapes and felt as though we were on another planet. This was my first encounter with Scandinavia and I remember being so impressed by the culture and people. Now as I experience, Denmark and Sweden for the first time, I reflect on all of the amazing things I've heard about the Nordic countries and now seeing it first-hand, I understand even more so, why. 

"Happiest country in the world," "Most sustainable country in the world," "Most equal country in the world" are claims to fame for Scandinavian countries. Each of these five countries often top the list in these categories making it an incredible place to live. There are naturally complications with the high taxes and welfare state model, however, the mindset behind putting people's health and well-being first is truly amazing. When equality and sustainable solutions are prioritized, amazing things can happen. 

Theme for Stockholm/Scandinavia: all people + environment = love.

As I've seen even more on my travels than ever before by visiting different countries and speaking with locals, there are so many different ways of doing things. Different religious, political, economic, cultural, social systems and norms. This is what brings beautiful diversity to the world.

What if, wonderful differences in systems and opinions continued to exist, however, the good and love for ALL people and our planet was the value at the very core, everywhere? My time in Stockholm once again reminded me of the power of The Global Goals and how, if we all continue to stick to it, incredible change will be made!!!

I love her! #womensrights #heforshe #globalgoal5 #genderequality

I love her! #womensrights #heforshe #globalgoal5 #genderequality

Stockholm Highlights:
- Reuniting with my friend from college who I hadn't seen in years and who is doing his masters there. It was great having him show me around and learning about his time in a new place.

- Meeting two Swedish families on my train back to Copenhagen. It was so cool to listen to people of different ages discuss their experiences growing up and living in Stockholm. 

And although I was only in Stockholm for 24 hours, here are some of my favorites

Getting lost through the streets of Gamla Stan (photo 1). The old town streets are incredibly beautiful. Filled with cafes, bars, restaurants, you can't go wrong walking and stumbling into ones along the way. Monteliusvagen!! (photo 3) This beautiful mile long walkway along the water provides incredible views of the city (recommend going especially at sunset!). Sodermalm- super cool and creative neighborhood (photo 4). Johan & Nystrom had great coffee and an even cooler setting! It is super sustainable in its ingredients and production. The stacked bleacher type seating with couches and cushions makes it very cozy! (photo 2)

So much more to do and see but even for a day, I loved seeing this city!

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