budapest, hungary: reflection

Me walking across the Chain Bridge!

Me walking across the Chain Bridge!

I.LOVE.BUDAPEST!!! I often get the question, "Where is your favorite place you've been?" This is a very hard question because each place is so beautiful in its own way and each has a different purpose/meaning for my trip. I will say, of all of the places, I think Budapest is one I could see myself living in most. Its energy!!! The moment I arrived in the city, I felt the warmth and excitement radiate around me. Such a beautiful city, so much to see and do, amazing culture and the best.vibe.ever!

A huge part also of why this is my impression of Budapest is because of the amazing group of people I met. My first day in Budapest was St. Patrick's Day and I met a group at the hostel that had previously connected in Prague. 3 from the UK (Mike, Chris, Farai) and 1 from Australia (Meegan). Their amazing energy matched that of the city and we spent the rest of the 5 days together in Budapest having the best time!

We spent hours at the baths by Heroes Square. Jumping from bath to bath, circling around a whirlpool. We ran to the top of the palace overlook of the city. We hopped along a bunch of ruin bars (old prisons and abandoned buildings converted) that contrasted the old and the new with the coolest indoor/outdoor spaces. We sat for hours without shoes on the floor of a tea shop playing a card game they taught me. We walked the streets with Hungarian food and strolled through the market. We did yoga on top of a boat cruise at night!

The first day, I asked Chris what his favorite part of the trip had been so far, and he said "laughing." I loved this spirit and at end of the weekend I knew exactly why. I had the best time ever with this group & am so grateful to have met them in such an amazing city!

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