vienna, austria: reflection

I. Disclaimer: This is going to be quite a long post :) My last night in Vienna, I was walking through my favorite Naschmarkt taking in the senses around me. I quickly scribbled these thoughts in my phone as to not forget my reflections.

In this reflection, I have split up each of these bullets into separate entries... thank you for reading!! xx

II. The good in people

My heart smiled as I walked through the market and thought of how good people are. How people are just so good. So so so good. 

From people watching random acts of kindness with strangers to meeting people on the street and sharing our stories to everyone making the world a better place, no matter what way that may be, just SO good. I felt such warmth as I pictured the many people I have encountered in different places along my trip.

The next day as I was headed to Budapest, I got to the train station a bit early so sat down in the waiting area. A guy asked me to borrow my phone charger. Skeptically at first, I said "no, sorry" but then he said he just needed to reach his family since his phone died. As I gave it to this fellow-backpacker, I smiled saying, "just bring it back" as the outlets weren't near us. He joked, "of course, of course" and I never saw him again. 

This may come off as too nice or too trusting or not careful enough. I've been taken advantage of before and it's one of the worst feelings in the world. Not even because of the item or money w a missing charger/adaptor (it's just that after all) but because of the principle. Because you want to always believe the best in people.

And I still do!! This was not a good feeling, but at least, it came from a place of trying to help someone. Maybe he needed it more than me. Maybe not. Regardless, I will continue to be smart and careful, but I will always extend my heart out to someone in need and believe the best in them. After all, what a beautiful world that would be!!! <3

III. Movies

Two movie scenes stick out to me when I think of my travels. I am not normally very receptive to movie or TV lines, however, these ones have left a mark.

In 500 Days of Summer, the lead guy is going to his ex's for a party. The filming shows his expectations (great time w her) on the left and the reality (distance w her) on the right. 

In About Time, the lead guy goes through his day with a negative mindset and is irritable and stressed throughout minor occurrences. Since he can travel back in time, when he goes through the same exact day again, he does so with a new frame of mind. Positive, joyful and open. The difference was astounding. Same external circumstances, the only varying factor was the mind.

Both of these reign so true for me every day (as I can imagine they would for most humans!). 

I tried to have no to little expectations before backpacking but of course I did! Whether subconsciously or not. I knew there would be hard days and nuances, however, I still glamorized the experience. There are so many beautiful things about the journey. Even those that may not seem that way are beautiful in the appreciation they provide (light sleeps, living out of a backpack, not feeling well, tedious planning, etc).

Also, further learning the power of the mind and my own mind at that. Consciously focusing on what I am putting my energy towards and how I am approaching situations. Learning as I go, letting things of the past go, living in the moment. Forever recurring themes. 

IV. Falling in love

As I've mentioned before, I am a Pisces. I am a big feeler. I feel so much, so often, so deeply. @wordsmeetwalls even sent me a Humans of New York Pisces guy the other day! He gets me!! :) Traveling from place to place alone and so quickly I realize even more so how much I feel.

How often I fall in love and how often my heart is broken. Falling in love with cities, with languages, with people, with cultures, with moments, with who I am or how I am feeling at that time. Then leaving. Then falling and falling and falling in love again. It reminds me of spring blooming or a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. An evolving cycle, reproducing beauty in a different way each time. 

"I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met." I'm in love with the world. I am so grateful to experience such strong places and grow and develop through them. 

I love falling in love. 

V. Vienna!

  • First night my hostel roommate asked my to go to see the ballet at the opera! She even got me a ticket- so so sweet! The theater and performance were stunningly beautiful. I had never seen anything like it!
  • Museum Quartier, St Stephans Cathedral (walking to the top made for a great view), Hofburg Palace, Schonbrunn Palace, Gloriette (SUCH epic architecture!)
  • Plater Amusement Park (I literally ran of excitement at sunset to the swings ride with Danza Kuduro playing throughout the park) The swings are incredibly high and overlook all of Vienna. It was absolutely stunning to ride around and around up top this view. 
  • Naschmarkt (such good food, drinks, vibes)- I went out to eat alone here and hung out w/ the bartenders the whole night! So fun to make new friends so impromptu. 

Until Budapest... xx

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