vienna, austria: impact hub lunch & learn with wemakeit

Impact Hub is a global network of community spaces enabling change-makers to work together.

The Hub's Motto: "We believe a better world evolves through the combined accomplishments of creative, committed, and compassionate individuals focused on a common purpose." <3<3<3

I love IH's amazing concept of bringing people together to take more action. The open, fun agile spaces and events facilitate this wonderfully. When I was in Vienna I attended a Lunch & Learn hosted by wemakeit- a Swiss-based crowd-funding platform.

wemakeit's platform is stunningly beautiful and simple. It is incredibly aesthetically pleasing as are each of the projects submitted on it. wemakeit enables people looking to crowd-fund to leverage the wemakeit network and site. Each project is categorized into different areas (environment, community, etc) and provides videos, incentives and information on its purpose. It's amazing to see the power the community has to source funds for good!

Upon arriving at the event, everyone was speaking in German and I thought "Oh! This will be cool." I don't know any German but still... body language ;)... and also such a great experience! Nonetheless, the group graciously switched to English :).

There were about 10 of us there, including the head of wemakeit's Vienna launch. As I introduced myself we joked as my reason for coming was to learn :) Everyone else there had a specific crowd-funding project, however, I was just as excited to hear about something new! The rest of the attendees introduced their incredible sustainable ideas from wine to jewelry to publications to festivals to tourism to the sustainable development goals! I was so inspired by all this group of stranger friends was looking to accomplish. 

Throughout the event, we had great discussion and Q&A's on social entrepreneurship and crowd-funding. I feel so grateful to have gained new knowledge and insights and also to have heard from such a diverse group of people in another country. I truly observed the influence group meeting and brainstorming can have. It also made my desire to support crowd-funding soar even more! People are doing such incredible things and it is so amazing that we can support them and their hope for a better world!

Lauren WittigComment