vienna, austria: city farm schonbrunn

City Farm Schonbrunn is an urban farm/garden in the park behind Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna. Walking from the palace through the park to the farm was absolutely beautiful: rolling hills filled with blooming trees and the sun beating down. City Farm enables people from the community to come and learn how to garden in an environmentally sustainable way. Every Thursday a group comes to volunteer (as I did) and throughout the week, schools visit for field trips, too.

Upon arriving, I was greeted by Stefan (above) and about 20 other workers/volunteers. Stefan leads the gardening and is the absolute best! In the photo above, he was pretending to spray me with the water :) Afterwards, he showed me the giraffes that live on the farm such as this one! I spent the day learning a lot about gardening and even planted my favorite fruit: STRAWBERRIES (thanks for teaching us, Tyler!)

All of the workers/volunteers were so incredibly helpful and kind. Seeing as most of them have lived in Austria for a long time, it was amazing to hear about their experiences and passions. When they are not gardening, they are full of other amazing talents and interests. From DJing to teaching students with disabilities to studying languages, it was amazing to meet and learn from this group of people!

Throughout the day, Stefan brought me different types of plants to try. It was so incredible to have my hands in the dirt and see the sustainable production of food! I am so inspired to have a small garden when I have a "home" again and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to volunteer at City Farm. Such a happy, loving, earth-filled, wholesome place!!!

From left: 1. Me eating the plants in the park! 2. The salad Stefan gave me to take home. 3. Some of the children's plants :) 4. The other volunteers and me 5. Up close view of some plants! 6. City Farm house 7. My shovel 8. Plants growing!

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