bratislava, slovakia: new findings

I must admit, my day trip to Bratislava is the first time that I've gone somewhere I've known nothing about. Although there are often times I know very little, I usually have an idea about what to expect. I was so excited to arrive to Slovakia and learn more about the city and culture.

Some of the first things I noticed was the old combined with the new (stark contrast of hip cafes in beautiful old buildings) and the amount of construction. I did some google research on all of this building and found out how much the city has boomed and continues to do so over the past ~10 years. I also discovered that although green construction is still new, it is definitely becoming bigger and more of a priority in the country! I've learned a lot through random googling :)

My favorite thing about Bratislava: the CAFES! They are UNREAL! Such incredible design, detail, purpose, warmth and community. My two favorites were Five Points and Urban Space. I stayed in them with my book for hours. Urban Space is the last 6 photos below (see how much I loved it?!) It was amazing having books strewn about everywhere! I even accidentally sat in the travel section! Even the bathroom radiated vibes: the walls were filled with books/empty bindings where people could write their favorite title/author on! Plus! The soap said: "Stop the water while using me!" Such a great, sustainable reminder done in such a cute way.

At Urban Space, I found a brand called Uashmama, which started in Italy. Uashmama produces bags made from sustainably sourced paper to be used again and again. Plus part of the proceeds go back to the local communities. I love stumbling upon new, purpose-driven brands!

As I am figuring out as I go, I have really enjoyed the mix of planning/preparing and finding unexpected things along my trip. There is so much to be said for discovering social good unexpectedly. It makes for amazing surprises!

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