bratislava, slovakia: dkms;fiojdsgdfsk

"dkms;fiojdsgdfsk." No... that is not a typo :) It felt like an accurate way to depict my current frame of mind. So many thoughts! So many feelings! 

As I walked through the streets of Bratislava, I had one thought after another after another of epiphanies and curiosity and observation and existentialism. Sometimes I find it hard to find words that do justice to all that I am experiencing in and outside of my mind!

I noticed that many of my first city reflections were about me, my mind, my anxiety. I am very grateful for that as I so appreciate the self-growth and development through this trip. However, yesterday, I felt very clear-headed and strong. My anxiety, quiet. I noticed and observed how much room this opened to think about the world around me.

To me, it is so important for your mental health to reflect on yourself, your well-being and your relationship with yourself. It is also very refreshing to be able to focus that energy on things greater than yourself, which is how I felt yesterday.

Here are a few things I jotted down as I skipped (had to do something with my legs!!!) through the street. PS- this is incredibly random (matches my mind very well!):

1. How many beautiful moments there are that cannot be captured via a photograph on social media (smiles with strangers on street, the feeling of awe when you see a new place, the sounds and smells of an unfamiliar street).

2. Laughter & body language as a universal language. This week I have communicated with so many people in so many ways other than English. It really shows me the power of listening and reading what people are saying beyond words.

3. Saying YES! Yes, I am going to go to the ballet with you! Yes, I am going to change up my plan different than what I thought! Yes, I am going to meditate before proceeding to the next sight. So much good to come from being open to whatever unknown is around the corner.

4. There are SO many different ways and places to live your life. Jumping from place to place and people to people, the expression "same, same but different" stands out. No matter the differences, we are ALL human. We all have joys and heartbreak. Passions. Desires. Curiosity. No matter where we come from, what language we speak, currency we use, family, profession, etc. We are all HUMAN. Then, we are really all one in the same. With beautiful, beautiful diversity.

5. Trust your gut! With so many decisions and thoughts that we make in the day, I am learning to listen more to my intuition rather than my rationalization. Check it, go with it, moving forward and seeing what happens! Things tend to have a way of working themselves out just as they are meant to.

6. This trip is absolutely inspiring me for when I "get back,"  (wherever that may be) of things I want to do to continue "meeting the world" every day. These things include learning languages, reading the news of another country, reading a book from every country, going to places alone and meeting new people, pen pal and staying in touch w/ people I meet along the way, going to meet up events (ie BYOS- bring your own story- my friend co-started this and is an amazing way to meet strangers on a deeper level!! There is so much we can do to constantly broader our perspective and learn new things and POVs!

7. Awe. Awe in sights. Awe in the beauty of the world. Awe in the goodness of people. Awe in each day.

Does "dkms;fiojdsgdfsk" make sense now? :)

Also: Favorite places in Bratislava: Church of St Elizabeth (it's blue!!), Grassalkovich Palace (White House), Street Art (everywhere!), Primates Palace (it's pink!!), Five Points and Urban Space for coffee (as mentioned), walking the streets and seeing all of the creative and cool statues, Slovak Pub (food- I couldn't read the menu/understand so I just asked the waitress for something without meat. She brought me a small bowl of soup- at first I was a little disappointed ha! but then she brought me a whole plate of fried cheese!! YUM!) and Bratislava Flagship Restaurant for a beer (used to be a theater!)


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