prague, czech republic: the good globe

When I was searching for social impact initiatives in Prague, I came across "The Good Globe," "an online celebration of the good work around the world." The Good Globe provides city guides for travelers so they can make an impact, wherever they are. I was SO, SO excited to find this as it ties in SO much with my travel purpose.

Natalie and I checked out two places from The Good Globe City Guide to Prague (check it out): Garden Cafe Taussig and Therapy Restaurant.

Garden Cafe Taussig was closed for the season, however, we still wanted to check it out given the incredible view! During the summer, you can eat on the patio of the 2nd photo below with the view of the castle and beautiful houses in the 3rd photo. The cafe "employs people with mental illnesses to build work and social skills in a professional setting." Amazing that you can enjoy a great view, meal and give back all at the same time!

On our walk back down the hill, we saw great touches on the street. The fourth photo is people holding hands and the fifth says, "This is a good kiss spot." LOVE it!!

Therapy is a cafe, restaurant, shop that "helps recovering drug addicts through art therapy, with ceramics they make to sell in the shop." The integration of creativity and art with the business model is truly inspiring.

The Good Globe advises on many other ways to get involved. From city tours with homeless people to fair trade shops and everything in between, I absolutely recommend checking out these guides before you go to find amazing, purpose-driven places. I am so grateful for resources, such as this, to make the world a better place. I will be collaborating with The Good Globe and am so excited to get involved with their incredible work!

Lauren WittigComment