prague, czech republic: greenglasses

Petrin Park- overlooking the amazing city of Prague

Petrin Park- overlooking the amazing city of Prague

Natalie and I stayed in Sophie's Hostel in Prague and absolutely loved it! It had a beautiful spiral cement staircase, high ceilings and picturesque views. On the map provided to us was "Greenglasses," Prague's first sustainable lifestyle platform. Think white pages but for sustainable products and services.

Greenglasses provides a directory for anything you would need- the green version- in the city. From food to fashion to health to home and anything in between, people can search for businesses that are doing good in their city.

Even though I'm not able to visit or try all of the options in my couple of days in the city, I LOVE reading about what options are out there and how different cities approach societal issues. This is an incredible platform for locals to use on a daily basis in the city!It makes it so easy by showcasing all of the cute, cool, fun and useful options out there for things you would already be doing but now, with added value.

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