prague, czech republic: 26

I feel so grateful to have turned 26 in such an incredibly magical city with my amazing friend, Natalie, visiting me. It was our first full day in Prague. We got a massage at a 500 year old spa (Alchemist Grand), ramen for lunch, blow outs, walked to the castle with the most amazing views, saw the John Lennon wall (you know my thoughts :)), walked back across the Charles Bridge with mulled wine at sunset, got Mexican food with hilariously small guac portions for dinner and experienced the nightlife of Prague. I even had "happy birthday" sung to me in three different languages! It was so amazing!!! Thank you so much, Natalie for the best day ever!!! <3 <3 <3

The whole day I walked around so happy thinking about how lucky I was. Not only to have such an incredible day in a beautiful city, but also, to feel the love from so many different parts of the world. Being a pisces, I feel and feel and feel a lot. Often, I love this trait, however, at times, it can be incredibly emotional as my heart explodes! Through all of my moves and travels, I am so thankful to have such wonderful people there for me in my life, even if not always physically.

For all of you following along: family, friends, strangers. Thank you. Thank you for being there. Thank you for your constant radiating love, support, encouragement, well wishes. In all corners of the world, you are there for me when I need it most and I am so appreciative of your spirit and energy that I feel with me. I get very reflective (clearly :)) during new years and new birthdays. As I look back on an amazing year of 25 filled with adventure and self-growth, I am so excited to see what 26 has in store. LOVE YOU!

Favorite things in Prague: so many! Old Town Square (took our breath away), U Prince Rooftop (great views of OTS), Food: Indian Jewel, Mezi Srnky (brunch), Captain Candy (gummies yay!), Las Adelitas, Yes! Burger, Zebra, Hike up Petrin Park, Charles Bridge, Castle, Drinks: Dubliner to watch Futbol, M19, Roxy, L'Fleur, Hostel: Sophie's, getting lost in the windy streets of Old Town, Vinohrady (great neighborhood!)

As I write this on the train to Vienna, I look back on an amazing weekend in an amazing city. Great memories with a friend, meeting people, getting lost, hilarious stranger moments, mishaps, chaos, calm. The beauty of life and all its being. So grateful. xx.

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