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Train rides with coloring books, gummies, mimosas & friends <3

Train rides with coloring books, gummies, mimosas & friends <3

Theme of Berlin: 24-hour FUN! Just noticed "fun" is printed on the gummies in the photo above! Meant to be.

Natalie and I knew we only had 24 hours in Berlin so we wanted to make the most of it! Natalie brought her coloring book and we picked up some snacks for our train ride. We had so much fun seeing the scenery and our train itself even went on a ferry to cross the water! 

Upon arriving to Berlin, we went to the Berlin Wall, as mentioned in my last post. Then, we had a HUGE craving for pretzels and beer. This was a lot harder to find than you would imagine :) We found a coffee/beer cafe, however, really wanted pretzels so continued looking. We finally found a fun beer hall type restaurant under the train tracks with a great indoor/outdoor room. We satisfied our craving and had an authentic German meal! 

Next, we went back to the hostel bar, which overlooked the city. It was a beautiful view. We met a guy from London and the three of us wanted to play the Jug Game, which was essentially throwing a euro from your barstool into a bucket high up to get a free drink. Shockingly, Natalie and I both made it in and could not believe it/stop laughing. Very fun time.

The third thing on our bucket list for Berlin was dancing. We set off to a place that had been recommended to us, only to find that it and its surrounding neighbors were closed! This had become a pattern for Natalie and I- going places the only time is was closed even though we were sure it was open! :) Luckily, we ended up improvising and found just what we were looking for.

The next morning we took a walk in the old part of the town and laid out on the sun and in the grass! It was a beautiful 24 hours in Berlin and a lot of fun. The best part was most of the fun came from a lot of mishaps, spontaneity, ambiguity and going with the flow. True presence at its finest!

From left: 1. Amazing book store stacked to the top with the cutest ladder 2. I LOVED the graffiti all around the city. There was so much radiating color outside the lines. 3. Me with our pretzels and beer! 4. On the river 5. Cool alley ways 6. A very LOVING bench! Spotted this on International Women's Day- forever shining 7. Cathedral in old town 8. Me on hostel rooftop

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