paris, france: reflection

Since Marta and I had both been to Paris before, we set off to explore much like we did in Barcelona: wandering the streets without a plan. This has easily become my favorite way to travel! Not knowing what is around the corner makes for a great adventure. It also helps me to feel more like a local and we end up "seeing the sights" by surprise anyways!

We spent most of the weekend laughing from mishaps (misplaced things, photo-booth fails, accidentally speaking carried-over Spanish instead of French) and funny occurrences on the street. Upon our arrival, after we finally figured out where to buy the underground ticket, the moment we sat down a 3-year-old superman-leapt across the seats into her arms. It was such a hilariously beautiful moment and his gigantic smile made it the best way to start our trip. 

Some of our favorite findings: 

- CREPES! We love crepes. Framboise Crepe was a great place with a lot of options by the Eiffel Tower but off the beaten path. Our favorite, favorite, favorite of the trip was Chez Alain MiamMiam in Marches Des Enfants Rouges. My friend Brittany said to go here and look for an older guy with a great personality. We immediately spotted him and his line a mile long! He makes crepes, sandwiches, etc. with any ingredients you want! Truly delicious!!! We ate them outside in the park :)

- Other food/coffee: Moon & Wild (vegan food), Hank Vegan Burger (La Republique), L'Aganthe (great cappuccino), Pick Clops (recommended to us by a local- the best way! in a great area near Hotel de Ville and was fun to eat outside), Shakespeare & Co cafe- per previous post, great vegan and vegetarian food (nice to travel w/ a fellow vegetarian food lover)! I love Marta's love for coffee and it was fun to find cute places with good views with her!! Odette (view of Notre Dame if you go upstairs!) and our rooftop breakfast at our hostel, Les Piaules (great views of Paris!) were some of our favorites.

 - Walks, walks, walks! We loved walking everywhere, taking the city in and practicing French. Some of our favorite routes were walking along the Seine (Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame), Champs Elysees, Latin Quarter, La Republique, Pompidou, Sacre-Coeur, Le Marais and seeing the Eiffel Tower from the Jardins du Trocadero, of course!! Sunsetsss!!!

New idea for my city reflections: Selecting a theme as I reflect on the weekend.

For Paris, it would be companionship. I am SO grateful that Marta came to Paris with me. It was so fun to build memories and experiences together in a new place. We also got to meet my friend Kim for dinner. Kim lives in Paris, but lived in the same building as me when I was in London! It was so great to be reunited with her, and in her city!! Also, the power of connection... I posted a photo to IG and my friend Becca messaged me that she would be there the next day! We ended up grabbing dinner with her and her brother, too. Amazing how things have a way of working out :) I am so grateful to have friends to join along my travels <3.

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