As I was "planning" my trip, I was deciding whether to work or not work, where I wanted to go, how long I wanted to stay, etc.- the logistics. I had gone (and am still going) back and forth quite a bit on different things but I knew one thing for sure: I wanted my travel to be rooted in sustainability. I have always been incredibly passionate about social impact and found this to be an incredible opportunity to discover amazing initiatives across the globe. With this purpose in mind, I came up with "!"

The meaning behind

  • I will be discovering social good and all of the amazing things people are doing for people and our world!
  • It is a play on my favorite phrase, "best day ever," to go along with the travel theme and finding new gems of the world!

I'm not entirely sure what this looks like! I'm sure the vision I have today will change entirely and will change often. I am so excited for that! For instance, before I came, I was brainstorming my blog and thought I would have cut-out global goal icons for every photo I have yet to do this! Maybe I will for some, maybe I will not but either way I am so excited to imperfectly experiment as I go.

Through, I want learn new things, raise awareness, expand my mind and horizons, volunteer and give back. I want to absorb different cultures, languages and viewpoints in order to gain new perspectives and inspiration. I hope to plan some of what I do but also stumble upon things I may have never known before. I hope to push myself to be open to new and challenging experiences. I hope to engage in dynamic conversations and help people along the way.

In only a couple of weeks, I have come across some amazing people and things that have helped shape me and this experience so far. Catching up on the past few cities- thank you for staying tuned!



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