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One of my favorite parts of @best.world.ever is when amazing people let me know about other amazing people doing great things to make the world a better place. My friend Marta let me know about a project students at Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona are doing to raise water for people in need in Kenya. The team's campaign is Missing Water. 

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I was so inspired by the team's story, creativity in increasing awareness and raising funds and their unending passion and commitment to help others. Alex, Alba, Andrea, Jana, Sara, Matthias, Paula & Sophie led an event on November 28th and 29th in Barcelona that cut off water taps/fountains on campus to raise awareness for those without access to water. They then worked with NGO Children of Africa to fundraise enough to build a water tank in the Mbandi School in Kenya. http://childrenofafrica.es/en/

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This campaign was so moving to me given the goal to help bring water to as many children as possible and the way of generating awareness. Water is often taken for granted when it is so available and by cutting it off and making people notice how important it is, the conversation and action to help others can begin.

Children of Africa NGO was founded by volunteers in 2010, is based in Catalunya and operates currently in two cities in Kenya: In Likoni supporting the “Likoni Aids Orphanage” and in Tsunza. Tsunza is the main focus at the moment as 75% of the citizens are living below the poverty line. All of the proceeds from the Missing Water Campaign go back to this NGO. 


On campus, the team activated this campaign with social media, videos and at a tent in the main plaza. The team fundraised enough during their two-day event to build a water tank!!! They have also even set-up a gofundme account so people around the world can contribute to the cause! Please visit this page if you would like to donate to this amazing initiative and give back even more clean water this holiday season!!! https://www.gofundme.com/missing-water

So grateful and thankful for reading and for your support of the children at the Mbandi School in Kenya and making a difference in the world!

Thank you to the UBF teams for your amazing hearts! <3

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